About Dana

In Italian, Cucina Buona roughly translates into “good cooking.”  Considering my love of cooking and food started because of my Greek & Italian grandmother and mom, I thought the name was fitting.

For as long as I can remember, I have been in the kitchen. Whether it was helping my Nana make mini bundt cakes for my Noni when I was 5, or whipping up my mom’s famous macaroni and cheese, I was and usually still am always in the kitchen. Over the years, I have really grown to love and appreciate good food, and through this blog, I hope to share some amazing recipes and fabulous restaurants that I’ve visited with you!

Along with enjoying great food, I also have a passion for running. However, I am really going to stick to posting mostly recipes with the occasional running blogs and/or race updates because I highly doubt very many of you care how many miles I run on a daily basis..


Bon Appétito!


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